Board of Directors

The Board of Directors is responsible for the overall strategic direction of the Group and the appointment of senior management.

In addition, it is responsible for establishing financial controls and appropriate procedures for risk management as well as the overall supervision of the business. The Board is responsible for preparing the Company’s and the Group's financial statements, the Compensation report and for organising the shareholders' annual and extraordinary general meetings (‘AGM’ and ‘EGM’).

The Board is composed principally of Non-executive Directors with diverse professional and industry backgrounds and who are, without exception, indisputably independent in character and judgement.

Board members bring a formidable array of expertise and experience from luxury to technology, security and regional knowledge. Nine nationalities are currently represented on the Board, which is composed of 18 members. The Board considers that the combination of experience and expertise has been a significant factor in contributing to the superior returns for shareholders generated since the listing of Richemont on the Swiss Stock Exchange in 1988.

The Chairman of the Board, the members of the Board, the members of the Compensation Committee and the Independent Representative are proposed for election on an individual basis at each year’s AGM for a term of one year.