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  • Cozy up in the comfort of your favorite hoodie.
  • Tried and true denim with superior softness and all-season appeal.
  • With all the softness of Supima cotton and superfine Merino wool, the texture-rich Sampson is your answer to sophisticated spring layering.


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Peter Millar was founded in 2001 with a single cashmere sweater. The spirit of this initial garment inspired a company that merges European aesthetics and an American sensibility through luxury, elegance and superior craftsmanship.

The Maison has grown to include seasonal golf apparel, sleek performance sportswear, refined tailored clothing and elevated sartorial accessories. Each offering features the finest raw materials and fabric innovations, utilizing the world’s best yarn spinners, artisanal workshops and highly specialized factories.

Inspired by their devotion to craftsmanship, Peter Millar established their Artisans of Craft series, profiling men and women at the top of their fields while exploring how they create and what defines their pursuit.

Peter Millar is based in North Carolina, with headquarters in Raleigh and a distribution centre in Durham.

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About Peter Millar

Inspired to bring style and substance to everyday life, Peter Millar has developed into a trusted source for both luxurious lifestyle apparel and technical performance designs. The Maison's offerings are available in their proprietary boutiques, online, in specialty retail stores and at the most prestigious resorts.

Job opportunities

No two careers are the same

Learn more about jobs at Peter Millar and if you do not find a job that matches your expectations today, we invite you to submit your profile for future opportunities.

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2001 in Raleigh, North Carolina, USA

Scott Mahoney


Ready-to-wear, tailoring, leather goods, accessories and footwear

Designing distinct apparel with exceptional attention to detail; Collaborating with the finest yarn spinners, workshops and partners across the world