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James Purdey & Sons Ltd. is a traditionalist Maison, dedicated to the demanding requirements of British game shooting. Their bespoke ‘Best' guns have always been London made, by the trade’s finest craftsmen. The English shooting way of life connects people, nature and tradition.

Purdey is honoured to be the respected authority of this philosophy for over 200 years. Building on its British sporting roots, Purdey has also developed a line of heritage apparel, leather goods, accessories and gifts. They are a deliberate and thoughtful blend of luxury and performance that always demands attention to detail and the finest materials.

The Purdey Awards for Game and Conservation have been held annually since 1999. They seek to promote a wider appreciation of the game and habitat conservation work and to reward the best endeavours.

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About Purdey

Synonymous with British shooting excellence, Purdey connects sportsmen and women to the esteemed tradition of game shooting through the craft of exceptional firearms, as well as luxurious and functional clothing, accessories and homeware items. The Maison, also unique in its rich tweed fabric, has been assigned numerous Royal Warrants of Appointment by members of the Royal Household, symbolising prestige over the decades.

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1814 in London, England

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Shotguns, rifles, menswear, womenswear, leather goods, gifts

Engraving, stocking, proofing, finishing, leather-making, tailoring, outerwear