Global presence

We maintain central corporate functions and five core regional offices. These complement the strengths and capabilities of our Maisons and businesses present in 36 locations.

Richemont’s regional hubs partner with our Maisons and businesses to provide the right environment to grow brand equity, while running sustainable and efficient local operations, and attracting the best local talent.

This structure ensures our people benefit from the best of both worlds – a global perspective and network, as well as the local knowledge and strong relationships required to drive performance.

The Group’s central teams, mostly based at our Headquarters in Geneva, Switzerland, guide the Group’s vision and best practices, setting corporate policies and Group-wide standards of business behaviour.

A view on the headquarters of Richemont in Bellvue, Geneva, Switzerland



40 000+



Maisons & businesses

2 422

monobrand boutiques

€ 21 bn



direct sales to end clients


renewable electricity

Phase out of PVC

from products & packaging

Global Equal-Salary


Our regional headquarters

The view over the city center of Geneva


Richemont Europe is headquartered in the Canton of Geneva

in the Campus Genevois de Haute Horlogerie, close to many of our Maison headquarters. The region covers Europe with local offices, notably in France, Germany, Italy, the Russian Federation, Spain, Switzerland and United Kingdom.

The view over the New York City


Our Americas headquarters are located in New York City

The region covers North America and Latin America, with a satellite centre in Connecticut, a state of the art logistics and customer service campus in Dallas, and local offices in Brazil, Canada and Mexico.

The view over the city of Hong Kong


Our regional Asia Pacific headquarters are located in Hong Kong SAR, China

The Richemont Asia Pacific hub supports the following Asian operations: Australia; China and its Special Administrative Regions of Hong Kong and Macau; Korea; Malaysia; Singapore; Taiwan, China; Thailand.

The view over the city of Tokyo


Richemont Japan is headquartered in the city of Tokyo

with two satellite offices in Fukagawa and Osaka.

The view over Dubai


Our regional Middle East, India & Africa headquarters are located in the heart of Dubai

with our operations centre strategically located at the Dubai Airport Free Zone. The hub is supported by operations in these key locations: India, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and South Africa.