Ambition & values

As a family-spirited Group, our mission is to craft the future by nurturing the distinctive craftsmanship, innovative spirit and creative inspiration of our people. In this way, we aim to create long term value for all our stakeholders: customers, colleagues, investors, partners and wider society.

What makes Richemont different?

At Richemont, our true power does not lie in our similarities but in the rich diversity of our arts, cultures, and human skills, as well as our specific ability to foster untapped potential.

Our Group has built an array of competences to nurture all of its unique and diverse Maisons and businesses, allied with a strong set of values: flair for finding hidden gems, the respect to learn from their founding families, the courage to develop them, and the patience that allows them to meet their full potential over the long term.

We believe in creating goodwill, rather than buying goodwill. Over the years, hidden treasures such as Van Cleef & Arpels, Panerai and Peter Millar have experienced exceptional growth. We will take the time to nurture Buccellati, Delvaux and Gianvito Rossi the latest additions to the Richemont family, with the same care and dedication.

A group of workers at a coffee table having a casual business meeting

Our values


  • Freedom


    We encourage the spirit of entrepreneurship and individuals’ sense of accountability and discipline.

  • Collegiality


    We believe in the power of collective knowledge and action, powered by the rich diversity of opinions and cultures.

  • Loyalty


    We are loyal to our predecessors and innovate as custodians of the future.

  • Solidarity


    We care for and support our colleagues, our planet, our partners, our clients, and what we create together.

Three women having a casual conversation wearing custom jewellery and watches

We pursue sustainable performance through financial discipline and firm principles:

  • We value freedom, collegiality, loyalty and solidarity.
  • The behaviours we encourage are curiosity, courage, empathy, humility and integrity.
  • We care for the world we live in. Richemont is committed to conducting business responsibly, helping to create a positive impact for the environment and the many stakeholders involved in our value chain.

Richemont will always strive to foster a culture of entrepreneurship, respect and courage, underpinned by an ‘esprit de corps’. Success is achieved together, in an ethical and sustainable manner, with emphasis placed on the camaraderie between colleagues, and the fun that each derives along the way.