We Craft the Future

As a family-spirited group, Richemont takes a long term view in nurturing its Maisons and businesses. The Group supports them in creating exceptional products, true to their heritage and in line with their values. We help them to thrive in new and existing markets, to set unparalleled standards of service, and to create memorable experiences for today’s highly sophisticated customers, who are at the core of our approach.

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Our ambition is to nurture all our Maisons

Recognising that many of our most important assets have been in existence for over a century, the Group is managed with the objective of creating value for the long term for the benefit of all stakeholders. We ensure that our unique Maisons and businesses remain attractive and compelling through the timeless and unique creations they design and craft, as well as how they engage with clients delivering outstanding service and memorable experiences - in both the physical and digital worlds. Embracing innovation and challenging existing boundaries, our Maison teams are constantly reinventing the future of retail.

At Richemont, people are our most distinguished asset. Committed to developing an innovative and entrepreneurial mindset among our colleagues, we focus on fostering a collaborative and inclusive working environment where talent can thrive, and sustainability is embedded across our culture and operations. Driven by Richemont’s long-standing commitment to doing business responsibly, our Maisons and businesses constantly look to enhance the sustainability of products and processes, as well as the skills and wellbeing of our people.

What makes us different?

At Richemont, our true power does not lie in our similarities but in the rich diversity of our arts, cultures, and human skills, as well as our specific ability to foster untapped potential.

Our Group has built an array of competences to nurture all of its unique and diverse Maisons and businesses, allied with a strong set of values: flair for finding hidden gems, the respect to learn from their founding families, the courage to develop them, and the patience that allows them to meet their full potential over the long term.

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We treasure our colleagues

Colleagues discussing in a Richemont office

We believe in enduring relationships

As a Group, we believe in enduring relationships. Our commitment for long term value has attracted, retained and developed our exceptional talent. Not only have they built our Maisons and evolved our businesses, they have kept us close to our clientele across generations.

A diverse group of workers in a conference room at Richemont's premises

Joining our Group means that we will challenge you

Challenge you to dream big and in turn, transform your ideas into action. We encourage creativity and ambition. We prepare our people so they can benefit from a diverse and rewarding career.

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We value authenticity and uniqueness

Above all, our focus is on authenticity and we want you to retain your uniqueness and your energy. So bring your out of the box ideas, outstanding knowledge, and culture.

Global presence

The view over the city center of Geneva with the lake


Richemont Europe is headquartered in the Canton of Geneva

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Our Americas headquarters are located in New York City

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Our regional Asia Pacific headquarters are located in Hong Kong SAR, China

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Richemont Japan is headquartered in Tokyo

The view over Dubai


Our regional Middle East, India & Africa headquarters are located in the heart of Dubai

We are building strategic partnerships