Timeless Beauty

  • Delicate beauty: we are sure the light elegance of this eternelle ring will leave everyone you know in awe.

  • Intricate and fascinating, just like a beehive. The “traforato” technique makes the Tulle jewels light but even more precious.

  • The Tulle Eternelle: a promise of eternal love enclosed in a gold lace ring with precious diamonds.



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A timeless design aesthetic and refined craftsmanship, inherited from a strong Italian goldsmith heritage and techniques dating back to the Renaissance, have always been at the center of the Buccellati universe. 

Together with its distinguished Milanese roots, Buccellati has become renowned for its subtle, yet highly distinctive style that references Venetian lace, damask, Etruscan patterns, vegetation and animals.

The Maison’s ambition is to create objects of rare beauty and of exceptional craftsmanship that evoke the glamour of the past, while remaining relevant in the modern world.

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About Buccellati

For over a century, Buccellati has been a symbol of creations of unparalleled beauty and quality. Inspired by the millenary heritage of Italian craftsmanship and goldsmithing, the Maison remains devoted to its core essence and vision.

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1919 in Milan, Italy

Gianluca Brozzetti


High jewellery, jewellery, bridal jewellery, watches, silverware

Beloved natural elements, geometric shapes, and architectural patterns are stylised by skilled artisans to become iconic pieces