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Maison of Extraleganza

  • Through technical mastery and the most refined watch movements, Piaget’s savoir-faire elevates elegance to new heights.

#Piaget #MaisonOfExtraleganza #PiagetPolo #InstinctOfDistinction
  • Let Piaget Polo Perpetual Calendar awaken your instinct of distinction.

#Piaget #MaisonOfExtraleganza #PiagetPolo #InstinctOfDistinction
  • With daring design set into a dark obsidian dial face, Piaget Polo Perpetual Calendar is the ultimate symbol of distinction for those who know.

#Piaget #MaisonOfExtraleganza #PiagetPolo #InstinctOfDistinction


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The journey of Piaget began in 1874, with a unique vision.

Piaget is a truly distinctive watch and jewellery Maison, with a unique expertise in gold and jewellery crafting and ultra-thin watch movements. Its creations, known for their audacity and vibrant style, have attracted the attention of artists and influencers throughout its history.

Our Manufacture in La Côte-Aux-Fées is home to our exceptional movements, including our ultra-thin calibers. This serene and secluded location is ideal for letting inspiration and attention to detail flourish. The movement of our luxury watches represents their beating heart; for Piaget watchmakers, no detail is too small to be treated with the utmost care and consideration.

Plan-les-Ouates, on the edge of Geneva, is home to our Piaget workshops that specialise in goldsmithing and jewellery. It is here where inspiration turns into creativity and Piaget's aesthetic sense of gold and gemstones is developed. Transforming raw materials into refined cases and silky bracelets adorned with embellishments, crafting pieces of art anchored in the Piaget spirit.

Piaget Polo Skeleton Steel and Possession Palace decoration ring in 18K gold

About Piaget

Piaget epitomises daring creativity – a quality that has continued to permeate since its beginnings in 1874. From his workshop in La Côte-aux-Fées, Georges-Edouard Piaget devoted himself to crafting high-precision movements in a feat that formed the very foundations of our pioneering name. As a true innovator of the watch and jewellery world, Piaget strongly believed in creativity and artistic values. It is within the walls of our “Ateliers de l’Extraordinaire”.

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Maison of Extraleganza

Step into a world of artistic expression, refined craftsmanship and extraleganza with Piaget at Watches and Wonders Geneva 2023. Discover how mastery liberates creativity in the universe of watchmaking.

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1874 in Switzerland

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Ultra-thin craftsmanship, gold expression and gem setting