Visionnaire Sprint, a successful Richemont’s internal innovation initiative

01 APR 2021

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Over 8 000 colleagues participated across geographies and professional roles in Richemont’s initiative to nurture innovation mindsets and drive impact across the business

A great success in a year of unprecedented uncertainty, Visionnaire Sprint connected colleagues across geographies and professional roles, nurturing creative mindsets.

Over 8 000 colleagues worldwide joined the initiative and shared more than 500 ideas, beyond exchanging on challenges and learnings due to Covid-19. 250 teams were formed and more than 100 project proposals submitted. These were narrowed to 76 teams that received sponsorship from Visionnaire sponsors (Maison CEOs, Richemont Heads of functions and their representatives) with first proof of concepts implemented at the end of 2020.

Three concepts on sustainability have seen life under this initiative:

  • Creation of an internal platform to sell unused furniture from offices and boutiques. The first sale took place in Switzerland in December 2020 and, within a week, over 500 items were sold with the sales proceeds donated to charity.
  • A solution to reduce water footprint by 20%, through tap aerators, has been implemented in our stores and buildings.
  • The Gift Finder has been successfully implemented on Montblanc’s ecommerce website, offering a new client experience for gift recommendations.