Richemont supports European Sustainable Development Week 2020

20 SEP 2020

Esdw 1

Learn about all the initiatives put together by our European Regional Sustainability team, from webinars to building awareness and learning through hosting informative and engaging panel discussions to share how we are contributing to progress on this front

European Sustainable Development Week (ESDW), which took place from September 20-26th, is a European-wide initiative to promote sustainable development and the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

For 2020’s event, Richemont’s European Regional Sustainability team, together with all European markets, organised a broad programme of activities and projects including webinars on topics such as Digital Pollution, Diversity & Inclusion and the Circular economy. Additional activities such as donations or equipment to schools took place but much of the week was focused on building awareness and learning.

We also hosted informative and engaging panel discussions with both external and internal guests, to share the essence of Sustainable Development, the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals and how we, as Richemont Europe and the Group, are contributing to progress on this front.

Patricia Gandji, Group CEO of Regions and leading Human Resources Function, opened a key session hosting special external guests such as Antonio Hautle, Executive Director, Global Compact Switzerland, and Isabelle Gattiker, General and Artistic Director – International Film festival on Human Rights. Both shared their views on sustainable development and what it means to them in their respective spheres. We also had the opportunity to hear from our internal colleagues: Giorgia Roversi, YNAP Group Sustainability & Inclusion Director, Matthew Kilgarriff, Group Director of Corporate Social Responsibility, and Alexander Foersch, CEO Richemont Europe. This engaging session was co-hosted by Michela Boni and Hazel Annikin, Logistics and Sustainability Director, Richemont Europe.