Richemont Annual General Meeting 2011

07 SEP 2011

At the Annual General Meeting of Compagnie Financière Richemont SA held today in Geneva, the shareholders approved the results for the year, including the proposals of the board of directors for the appropriation of retained earnings at 31 March 2011.

A dividend of CHF 0.450 per share will be paid on the listed 'A' bearer shares and a dividend of CHF 0.045 per share will be paid on the unlisted 'B' registered shares of the Company. The dividend in respect of the ‘A’ shares will be payable on 15 September 2011 against presentation of coupon number 14, free of charges but subject to Swiss withholding tax at 35 %. The remaining available retained earnings of the Company, after payment of the dividend, are to be carried forward to the next business year.

All other matters on the agenda were approved by the shareholders.

During the general meeting, the Chairman announced that the board meeting held earlier in the day had approved the recommendations of its Nominations Committee with regard to the responsibilities of certain non-executive directors with immediate effect. Mr Josua Malherbe has been appointed Chairman of the Board’s Audit Committee, replacing Mr Yves-André Istel. Mr Istel will continue to serve on the Audit Committee.