Richemont announces DEI developments including creation of Group DEI Council

01 JUN 2020

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Dedicated team of six Senior Leaders and four Gen Z employees to support and guide the Group to have real impact

Richemont’s increasing focus on Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) continues to grow throughout the organisation. Back in January 2019, Marina Corti was appointed Group DEI Director, responsible for defining the Group strategy and driving key initiatives in this important area, which Richemont believes is core to fostering creativity, innovation and entrepreneurship in our employees.

Ensuring group-wide progress towards DEI objectives requires increasing awareness and engagement throughout our global team of colleagues. With this in mind, we have formed a Group DEI Council to add to our already existing framework of DEI Champions and DEI Allies.

This cross-functional team includes five senior leaders from our Maisons, functions and markets, and five employees from across the Group. The inaugural team is made up of five Gen-Z employees to offer their perspective on what DEI means to them. Future appointments to the Council will be on a rotating 12month basis to ensure the many and varied views and perceptions of all our colleagues have the potential to contribute to and have impact on our DEI journey. Council members are given specific training to develop DEI expertise and are charged with sponsoring and guiding Group DEI initiatives as well as monitoring overall progress.

In addition to this important step, we have created Regional DEI Directors for Europe and Richemont North America. The increasing commitment of our Maisons to the Group DEI programme is shown among others by the nomination of a dedicated DEI representative for Cartier North America.