The Fondation Cartier

Creative Academy

Daimler AG and Richemont are global companies that share years of commitment to sport through their sponsorship activities. They have gained an understanding of the way sport transcends national boundaries, and the positive influence it can exercise in bringing people together.

This understanding crystallised into a desire to recognise the achievements of those teams and individuals from all over the world who symbolise the very best in sport.

Laureus comprises the annual Laureus World Sports Awards; the Laureus World Sports Academy, comprising some of the world's greatest living atheletes; and the Laureus Sport for Good Foundation, which seeks to use the power of sport to address social issues through projects aimed at young people around the world.

Founded in 1984, the Fondation Cartier pour l’art contemporain has been instrumental in redefining corporate sponsorship in France. Helping a wide variety of artists to invent, create and exhibit, the Fondation Cartier has, from the beginning, argued that contemporary art is a crucial voice in addressing the concerns of the modern world and has worked to bring that art to the largest possible public.

The Fondation Cartier was conceived as a laboratory where contemporary artists would be free to create innovative new works. It quickly established its reputation as a pioneer in its field. Based on a long-term engagement, its programme not only brings important new artists to public attention, it also supports them throughout their careers. The Fondation Cartier’s profound commitment as a patron of the arts is demonstrated through the diversity of its activities, which include exhibitions, publications, and the collection. Amongst the most important of its contributions, the Fondation’s commissions support the creation of new works from the stages of conception to realisation. The Fondation Cartier also organises Nomadic Nights performances as well as a substantial number of educational activities such as children’s workshops, contemporary art talks, and conferences.

Creative Academy is an international graduate school for design and creative management, opened in Milan by Richemont under the aegis of Fondazione delle Arti e dei Mestieri (Foundation for the Applied Arts and Crafts).

The Creative Academy runs a Master of Arts in Design course, for 20 young people of international origin who have successfully completed a substantial course of studies in disciplines related to design. The Masters course aims to give young designers specialised training in the applied arts, and in particular in the field of jewellery, watchmaking and accessories.

In addition, the Creative Academy runs seminars on personal creativity, luxury codes, managing innovation and new materials, which are provided for managers of all the Maisons and affiliates of the Group throughout the world.