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Exceptional savoir faire and timeless designs since 1829

Combining creativity and savoir-faire, Delvaux has been crafting timeless leather designs since 1829. Founded in Brussels by Charles Delvaux, its elegant, innovative bags have always offered both freedom and femininity.

Poetic expressions of emotion and craftsmanship, Delvaux’s designs are handmade by artisans who have handed their skills down from generation to generation. Sculptural lines and sensual leathers have long defined the Maison’s creations, instantly recognisable by their quality, sophistication and attention to detail.

The Brillant ‘Ceci n’est pas un Delvaux’ from the Delvaux Magritte Collection

1829 in Brussels, Belgium


Jean-Marc Loubier



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The Oldest Fine Leather Goods Maison in the World

Purveyor to the Royal Court of Belgium since 1883

Delvaux's unique history since 1829

The Tempête from 1967 by Delvaux

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