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Smart fashion that cares

  • AZ Factory with Molly Molloy and Lucinda Chambers conquers architectural forms, sculptural details, and offbeat volumes for every woman.

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  • AZ Factory with Molly Molloy and Lucinda Chambers lends inspiration to 35 one-of-a-kind stools designed by @ferillobelli and crafted in wood, with panels of deadstock leather and inserts of @friulmosaic.
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@mollymmolloy @lucindachambers
#azfactorywithmmlc  #lovebringslove
  • AZ Factory with Molly Molloy and Lucinda Chambers undertakes colour blocking, with contrasting elements that draw the gaze, in knitwear that hugs the curves.

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@mollymmolloy @lucindachambers
#azfactorywithmmlc  #lovebringslove


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At AZ Factory,

we believe in smart fashion that cares, we believe in founder Alber Elbaz’s original vision: to reset the way fashion operates, and to do things differently.

We are a collective laboratory and factory, a place that nurtures creativity, emotion, and playful storytelling around core values of love, trust, and respect.

We bring together our Amigos – talents, partners, customers – to experiment and try new things.

Alongside these Amigos, we create beautiful, fun, practical, and solution-driven fashion that works for everyone.

We maintain a steadfast commitment to transparency, sustainability, inclusivity, and education.

In October 2021, we brought together our Fashion Family for the “Love Brings Love” collective runway show, a moving tribute to Alber.

AZ Factory fashion show-Alber Elbaz

About AZ Factory

Envisioned as a dream laboratory by founder Alber Elbaz, AZ Factory stands tall as one of fashion's blooming experiments. The Maison invites everyone to connect and celebrate fashion through the Alber Amigos membership programme, an homage to its core values of love, trust and respect.

Job opportunities

No two careers are the same

Learn more about jobs at AZ Factory and if you do not find a job that matches your expectations today, we invite you to submit your profile for future opportunities.

Portrait of Alber Elbaz, founder of AZ Factory

Alber Elbaz, Creative Director of AZ Factory

2019 in Paris, France

Alber Elbaz

Mauro Grimaldi

Ready-to-wear, leather goods, shoes, accessories, jewellery

Blending traditional craftsmanship with forward looking applications and technology