Buccellati opens 'the Prince of Goldsmiths’ immersive exhibition in Venice

06 MAY 2024

1200 EXHIBITION MANIFESTO Prince Of Goldsmith Venice Exhibition

Hosted from April 18th – June 18th 2024 in Venice, the major retrospective exhibition rediscovers the history of the Maison and the preciousness of the classics.

Maison Buccellati, the historic high jewellery House and today part of the Richemont Group, is pleased to present 'The Prince of Goldsmiths, Rediscovering the Classics', a major retrospective exhibition that rediscovers its heritage, history and craftsmanship. Hosted in Venice in the spaces of Oficine 800 on the Giudecca Canal from April 18th to June 18th 2024, created and produced by Balich Wonder Studio and curated by Alba Cappellieri for the jewellery and silverware selection, the exhibition retraces the distinctive themes of Buccellati's creations, highlighting the mastery and preciousness of the 'classic'.

The exhibition illustrates jewellery and silverware creations, significant events and suggestions that have shaped the history of the Maison. Buccellati has chosen to set this important event in Venice, which has always been one of the most celebrated symbols of gold and jewellery tradition. Venice, with its aptitude for celebrating preciousness in multiple forms, proves to be the ideal setting to host this retrospective, inaugurated to coincide with the opening of the Venice Art Biennale, which shares with Buccellati the values of a rich artistic tradition.

"The classics offer the pleasure of rediscovery, evoking worlds of beauty, elegance, art and nature beyond time. Reinterpreting them means reinterpreting millennial traditions, materials and forms with an always up-to-date look. This is the aim of the exhibition, which becomes for us an even more precious moment as it is hosted in the evocative setting of Venice. The classics are a bridge thrown between the past and the future and are also evidence of an original style to be perpetuated in times to come," explains Andrea Buccellati.

The exhibition is divided into four distinct themes:

  1. The "Generations" of the Buccellati family, who over the years, both today and in the past, have taken turns in guiding the artistic direction of the Maison, symbolically represented by the butterfly icon;
  2. Elegant gallantries and precious accessories in silver and gold that have embodied the sense of elegance over time;
  3. The silver masterpieces, emblems of the Buccellati style, known for the mastery used to give them the perfect shape and proportions, by using the ancient techniques of embossing and chiseling;
  4. Icons of Buccellati jewellery displayed as authentic works of art, creating an evocative parallel with classical myths.
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The exhibition retraces the history of the Maison by focusing on the craftsmanship of its most famous creations, including the bracelet from the Macri collection, from its origin designed by Mario to its evolution by Andrea Buccellati, known for its characteristic engraving; the tulle pendant from the latest Mosaico high jewellery collection designed by Andrea; and finally, the silver objects inspired by nature and organic shapes.

'The Prince of Goldsmiths' is how Gabriele d'Annunzio, one of the most influential Italian writers and poets of the 20th century, described Mario Buccellati in 1936, attesting to his mastery in creating timeless masterpieces.

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From its birth in 1919 to the present day, Buccellati products have been distinguished by their ability to unite the dimensions of time - past, present and future - in creations that express the best traditional goldsmithing techniques with an elegance that is always contemporary. Buccellati, today as yesterday, rediscovers the value of the 'classic', meant as a taste capable of transcending temporal boundaries, conquering eternity through beauty and craftsmanship. The theme of the exhibition is therefore dedicated to the rediscovery of the classics, considering 'classics' all those objects which are capable, in every moment, to transmit universal feelings of closeness, astonishment, wonder and passion. In this sense, Buccellati lives tradition as a living, pulsating matter, imbued with the passion that man has infused into his artefacts over time.


About Buccellati

Buccellati is a renowned high-jewelry brand, admired for its craftmanship and the uniqueness of its creations. Distinctive is the use of rare stones with extraordinary colors, mixed with white and yellow gold, all nicely carved like laces. Today, the Buccellati jewels stand out for their design and for the techniques used to create them, such as the hand-engraving technique, dating back to the ancient goldsmithing traditions of the Italian “bottega” during the Renaissance times. The shapes of the collections are all inspired the historical archive drawings and by the very first creations of the founder, Mario Buccellati. Today, the Maison is 100% owned by Richemont, but the Buccellati family is still present in the company with top level managerial functions. Buccellati boutiques are present in the most important cities and in the most prestigious Malls of the world.


About Balich Wonder Studio 

Balich Wonder Studio is an integrated entertainment group that conceives, produces, and delivers ground-breaking live experiences. The Studio creates visionary projects with long-lasting value, from large scale ceremonies to immersive shows, brand events, exhibitions and destination experiences. They believe in the power of emotion to generate wonder and create unforgettable memories through unique creativity and impeccable execution.

Born in 2013, the Group is a world leader in large institutional events, and it’s driven by the talent and skills of a diverse, multi-cultural team of more than 280 people from 20 countries. Operating in Europe and the Middle East, it focuses its business through four key divisions: Ceremonies, Brand Experiences, Destination Experience and Immersive Shows. In 2023, the majority stake of Balich Wonder Studio was acquired by media and entertainment powerhouse Banijay, home to over 130 production companies across 21 territories globally.


About Alba Cappellieri

Alba Cappellieri, Ph. D., is an Italian scholar, curator and author. She is the Head of Jewellery and Fashion Accessories at the Politecnico di Milano, where she is the Director of the International Master in Fashion Accessories. She is a member of the Scientific Committee of the Ecole Van Cleef & Arpels in Paris, of the Gijs Bakker Foundation in Amsterdam, of the of the Fondazione Cologni in Milan, of the De Beers New Talents Awards in Gaborone. From 2013 to 2016 she taught Design Driven Innovation at Stanford University. In 2014 she founded and until 2021 directed the Jewellery Museum in Vicenza. She curated several International jewellery exhibitions and her last publications include Van Cleef&Arpels: Time, Nature, Love (Skira, 2022) Jewels of the Twentieth Century: From Art Nouveau to 3-D Printing (Skira, 2018) and Chains: Jewellery in History, Function and Ornament (Silvana, 2018).  


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