Richemont’s headquarters are in Geneva, Switzerland. The Group has five regional offices providing support services to our Maisons:


  • in Geneva for Europe and Latin America;
  • in Dubai for the Middle East, Africa and India;
  • in Hong Kong for Asia Pacific, excluding Japan;
  • in Tokyo for Japan; and
  • in New York for North America.


Richemont directly employed close to 29 000 people at the end of March 2018. 61% of this headcount is based in Europe, 30% in Asia, and 9% in the Americas. The majority of our employees in Europe work in Switzerland, France, Germany and Italy, where the manufacture of high quality goods is concentrated. We have no employees working in manufacturing in Asia. In all regions, employees are engaged in retail, distribution, after sales service and administrative functions.

Each Maison has its own headquarters in Switzerland or elsewhere in Western Europe, except Peter Millar, which is headquartered in Raleigh, North Carolina.

As a Group, Richemont has staffed operations in 35 countries around the world. Elsewhere, the Group has local business partners. In all countries where the Group operates, either directly or through distribution partners, the supply of high quality European goods generates income and employment.


Key Figures

Financial Year
to March 2018

Financial Year
to March 2017


Sales (€ millions)

10 979

10 647

+3 %

Operating profit (€ millions)

1 844

1 764

+5 %

Net profit (€ millions)

1 221

1 210

+1 %

Number of employees (Headcount)

28 740

28 580

+1 %


Richemont’s reported sales at constant exchange rates increased by 8% during the year.

More information on the Group’s economic impact is available in our 2018 Annual Report.