As a responsible luxury goods company, our vision is to create long-term value for our business and wider society, while preserving our heritage in quality, craftsmanship and innovation.

During the year under review, our Maisons and Platforms looked back on their implementation of the Group’s first CSR three-year plan, launched in 2014, and looked ahead with the Group’s second three-year plan: our CSR 2020 Plan. The 2020 Plan, launched in December 2017, reflects the knowledge we acquired from implementing the first plan and integrates the results of our first materiality matrix and wider business priorities. Together, they identify the key issues to be addressed, including targets and performance indicators. Accordingly, while it represents only a baseline, our second plan is significantly more detailed than our first plan. We hope that the baseline level of ambition which we have set for ourselves in the 2020 Plan will enable us to meet the evolving expectations of our clients, colleagues, investors and other stakeholders.

In the wider world, 2017-18 saw enhanced interest in women in the workplace. Accordingly, this report highlights some of Richemont’s data and actions in this sphere, including the proportion of women in management roles (50%). Actions include the Cartier Women's Initiative Awards, which is now in its twelfth year of supporting and accelerating innovative, impact-driven, women-led businesses, and Cartier’s Make Your Mark leadership development programme for women managers.

As respectively supporter and members of the Responsible Jewellery Council (‘RJC’), Richemont and its Maisons have been a driving force in ensuring trust and promoting responsible sourcing of diamonds, gold and other precious metals and best practices across the industry. With regard to certification to enhance trust, our Maisons have chosen the RJC certification standards, in conjunction with our own standards and policies. Together, those standards cover a wide range of sustainability issues, including: human rights and labour standards; environmental management; and business ethics. More than 90% of the Group’s sales were made by certified RJC members. Not only do we encourage our upstream suppliers and our downstream distribution partners to make the same choice, we also directly support the RJC’s efforts with regard to gold and diamond supply chains.

We know that there is always more to do regarding such corporate and industry-wide CSR efforts and we strive to improve each year.

Burkhart Grund
Chief Finance Officer


Geneva, summer 2018