Key areas of progress include:

  • Richemont has invested significantly in developing the know-how and skills to build a future luxury workforce.
  • The Campus Genevois de Haute Horlogerie was inaugurated in 2016 and hosts watchmaking apprentices in Geneva. The number of young employees who have participated in apprenticeship programs in the last 3 years is significant.
  • Richemont has developed new Research and Development partnerships with leading academic institutions.
  • Work has been undertaken to identify the digital needs and challenges facing the current and future workforce. This has informed the development of a strategy to enable all parts of the business, regardless of where employees are located, to access appropriate digital tools.

Richemont has identified the following key areas for improvement and will be focusing on these as part of the 2020 CSR Plan:

  • Providing an efficient, contemporary workplace through increased use of digital tools and promoting new ways of working. This includes connecting all employees to Group online tools.
  • Focusing on gender and international diversity to support the business, including reviewing the numbers of women in senior management and leadership roles, and developing forums to promote diversity initiatives.
  • Reducing occupational incident rates and creating local awareness campaigns on key non-occupational and other well-being topics.
  • Giving more visibility to employees participating in CSR initiatives, including the development of a Volunteering Policy.