Our approach to stakeholder engagement is summarised in the following table, which presents key stakeholder groups, their interests and how we regularly engage with them. As described above, we recently undertook a comprehensive stakeholder mapping and engagement exercise as part of our materiality review. The results guide our CSR Plan and annual reporting.


Stakeholder groupKey issues of interestHow we engage
to whom we provide high quality goods and services
- Quality, design and craftsmanship of our products
- Customer service
- Origin / traceability of product and precious materials
- Data protection

- Customer surveys, meetings, briefings and events
- Customer feedback through after-sales service
- Fair pricing of products around the world

who drive the success of the business
- Health, safety and well-being
- Employee welfare (including remuneration, benefits, consultation)
- Training and development
- Diversity and inclusion
- Engagement
- Employee engagement surveys (‘barometers’)
- Newsletters, management briefings and intranet sites
- Structured performance management
- Learning Management Systems to support training, development and our Standards of Business Conduct
- Employee Works Councils in some countries

Suppliers and business partners
who we rely on to deliver our quality products to our clients

- Responsible sourcing of precious materials
- Ethical, social and environmental standards
- Quality
- Fair payment terms

- One-to-one meetings
- Supplier Code of Conduct
- Supplier audits
- Through industry organisations

Regulators and policy leaders
who provide the framework within which we operate
- Compliance with laws and regulations
- Transparency
- Responsible sourcing of precious materials

- Corporate affairs representatives
- Via industry organisations such as RJC and the Federation of the Swiss Watch Industry (‘FH’)
- Participation in United Nations Global Compact and its Swiss Network

Shareholders and investors
who underpin our business and to whom we seek to deliver value
- Financial performance
- Governance & business ethics
- Responsible sourcing in general
- Data protection
- Tax
- AGM and carbon-free AGM roadshow
- Interim/annual results presentations and their webcasts
- Carbon-free and in-person roadshows and meetings
- CSR investor conferences
- Investor surveys

local communities where our operations are based; the wider cultural community we engage through our activities
- Economic impact
- Ethical, social and environmental practices
- Employment opportunities
- Community partnerships and philanthropy

- Through our citizenship activities
- Meetings with NGO partners

Industry organisations
with whom we share best practices
- Ethical, social and environmental practices
- Industry issues, including anti-counterfeiting

- Through the RJC and other industry bodies such as Swiss Better Gold Association, Responsible Luxury Initiative
- Meetings and briefings

Non-governmental organisations

with whom we engage through our involvement in industry associations and activities
- Ethical, social and environmental practices
- Community partnerships and philanthropy

- Meetings and progress reports
- Carbon Disclosure Project (‘CDP’) survey
- Via industry organisations such as the RJC and United Nations Global Compact and its Swiss Network

Specialist and mainstream media who are interested in our business
- Consumer attitudes to CSR and luxury
- Advertising
- Responsible sourcing & ethical standards

- Company announcements
- Media calls (interim/annual results)
- Press meetings/briefings (including carbon-free engagements)