Following its launch in December 2017, the 2020 Plan has provided a robust framework to focus our efforts. The 2020 Plan continues to support a structured approach to planning and reporting and, like the previous three-year plan, it is an effective tool for engaging our employees and external stakeholders.

After only half a year, it is too early to assess performance against the targets we have set ourselves for 2020. Nevertheless, we believe we are on track to meet the many ambitious targets detailed in the relevant sections of this report. That belief is based on the results of an annual CSR Survey sent to each Maison, major market and ‘hubs’ such as the Group headquarters and logistics centre located in Geneva and Fribourg, respectively. The Survey contains questions which evaluate governance and achievements. Those questions were substantially revised to reflect the 2020 CSR Plan. Survey completion is mandatory and, with more than 40 survey responses, the preparation of this report is founded on a highly representative self-assessment of progress.

We are aware that unforeseen CSR matters may emerge during the Plan’s three-year period. One example is our use of plastic in packaging materials. Accordingly, we will seek to promptly integrate emerging matters into our 2020 Plan on an ad hoc basis.

Finally, our stakeholders may raise new questions about our practices and goals about which we had not previously reported. We compile those questions in an annual ‘wish list’ and seek to address them in our subsequent CSR Report. Whilst some of those questions are not answered for reasons of confidentiality, such questions help us to develop longer-term reporting strategies.