As treasured heirlooms, jewellery, watches and writing instruments are aimed to be passed from generation to generation. The longevity and durability for the great majority of our products has always been at the core of our Maisons’ strategies. Our innovation effort is thus strongly focused on continuously improving the quality, reliability and durability of our creations and make sure they can be used by our customers without experiencing any ‘end of life’ or negative experience which could result in the disposal of the product. Our teams are committed to strengthen the durability of precious and non-precious materials and of mechanical parts used by our Maisons and to make the production process of those elements more efficient.

In this domain, our teams combine cutting edge knowledge on material properties and manufacturing processes with a disruptive, deep-learning approach to learn more about the current limitations of our creations and to be able to overcome them.

In an age when some technologies can be seen as a threat to human beings, the creations of our Maisons all emphasize the importance of traditional values and craftsmanship. Innovation enhances the possibilities of our creators and craftsmen, and we root technology in the core of universal values such as creativity, culture, beauty and transmission. Our teams develop technologies which are useful and meaningful within a wider agenda, inherited from years, decades and even centuries of tradition and interactions with our customers.

The Group sees social and environmental consciousness and the need for more sustainable business models as a way to further expand the historical values of quality and durability of our Maisons. As it has shown with the launch of BAUME, the Group uses new processes and materials to create more sustainable products. The Group’s ambition is to progressively set social and environmental consciousness as one of the key values of its product development and innovation, along with quality and durability.

The list of technologies to support this initiative encompasses topics such as recycled and recyclable materials, chemical expertise, decentralised and additive manufacturing methods, bio-engineered materials and life cycle analysis methods.