We are witnessing an acceleration in the development of new technologies as well as agile networks of entrepreneurs testing new business models, new services and new products of interest to our customers and to our Maisons. In addition to the incremental efforts made by our Maisons and transversal teams, the Group Innovation team also explores the opportunities offered by new technologies to open novel fields of expression and value creation for our Maisons and our customers.

The Group is collaborating with several start-ups and technology leaders in domains such as embedded electronics, augmented reality, deep learning or recycled materials, and participated in 2018 for the first time to Viva Technology, the global rendezvous for start-ups and leaders held in Paris. The Group presented the way new technologies can be meaningfully used to nurture the relationship between our customers, our products and our Maisons. This vision is summarized by the phrase “Reveal the Exceptional”: innovation at the service of expression and customer-centricity.