Targets 2014-2017

Carbon intensity over a five-year period

  • Reduce CO2 intensity from buildings by 10% (kg per m2 and kg per FTE) by March 2018
  • Reduce CO2 intensity from business travel by 20% (kg per FTE) by March 2018
  • Develop and purchase Carbon offsets for all scope 1 and 2 emissions


  • For each of the three categories: Freight; Retail; Everlasting (e.g. presentation boxes)
    • Define a model policy at Group level to reduce the total amount of packaging used with a focus on ‘Reduce, Reuse, Recycle’
    • Use the Group policy to define a policy at the Maison level
    • Share best practices between Maisons
    • Develop appropriate measures at the Group and Maison level


  • Measure the Group scope 3 emissions, estimating if necessary
  • Seek to minimise the percentage of scope 3 emissions which are estimated
  • Offset all scope 3 emissions over which Richemont has direct control