Richemont represents one of the largest private sector employers in the Republic and Canton of Geneva (‘Geneva’). In addition to the Group’s worldwide headquarters and the headquarters of certain Maisons, Geneva is host to a number of significant Group operations, including training and watchmaking facilities.

Recognising Geneva’s objective to become more sustainable, during the year Richemont Real Estate partnered with it in areas relating to energy. In particular, the energy consumed by its buildings as well as the energy needed for their construction and renovation. The recent partnership extends long-standing good practices described in Richemont’s Green Handbook.

In parallel, Richemont is seeking ways to reduce the energy used by its employees travelling to and from their work place in Geneva. Reductions are achieved by encouraging employees to work from home if appropriate, by locating new sites close to railway stations, and by promoting public transport, car sharing and newer options such as electric bicycles.