Key areas of progress include:

  • Our Maisons have continued to support a range of programs that contribute positively to Arts and Culture, Education, Health and Welfare, Protecting Natural Resources, and Social and Economic Development. Indeed, we have:
    • 13 Maisons supporting Arts and Culture
    • 11 Maisons supporting Social & Economic Development
    • 7 Maisons supporting Education initiatives
    • 7 Maisons supporting Health & Welfare
  • Richemont has established a forum which convenes quarterly to share Community Investment best practices across the Group, and considers how our programs contribute to the wider Sustainable Development agenda using the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals
  • Overall community investment spend across the Group remained stable relative to variable financial results

As part of the 2020 CSR Plan, Richemont has identified the following key areas for improvement:

  • Redefine and elevate Community Investment across the Group
  • Promote more employee volunteering through the development of a Group-wide Volunteering Policy
  • Consider how programmes contribute to the Sustainable Development Goals