We treasure our colleagues

People are our greatest asset. They are the heart and soul of our business and exceptional creations.

Together our colleagues and teammates collectively bring our exceptional products and experiences to life and take us forward. That’s why we treasure our colleagues at Richemont.

It is through this culture that Richemont has developed a reputation as “the people’s company of the luxury industry”.

We believe in enduring relationships.

As a Group, we believe in enduring relationships. Our commitment for long term value has attracted, retained and developed our exceptional talent. Not only have they built our Maisons and evolved our businesses, they have kept us close to our clientele across generations.

Joining our Group means that we will challenge you.

Challenge you to dream big and in turn, transform your ideas into action. We encourage creativity and ambition. We prepare our people so they can benefit from a diverse and rewarding career.

Above all, our focus is on authenticity and we want you to retain your uniqueness and your energy.

So bring your out of the box ideas, outstanding knowledge, and culture.