Cultivating communities in positive ways is key to our sustainability agenda.

We recognise that our Maisons, business functions and regions have a long tradition of actively supporting communities in which they operate. Our new policy sets out a common framework for guiding our community investment – helping to optimise the benefit it creates for society and making it a valuable strategic tool for our businesses.

Hortense du Rouret
Group Director, Public Relations

We firmly believe in promoting cross-cultural dialogue and deepening our understanding towards a smarter, safer and happier planet.

Our overarching goal is to positively impact the communities we touch through our Maisons and people. Communities are those in our supply chains and those we support through our initiatives.

Our mission is to ensure that Richemont’s global activities benefit those communities within the Group’s orbit. Guiding our Maisons and businesses, the Group continuously strives to contribute to health, wellbeing and sustainable economic development. To do this, we will focus our efforts on:

  • Providing support to our communities in ways that align with the values of our Maisons and businesses, and support Richemont’s key investment themes
  • Collaborating with partners and measuring the impact of our programmes
  • Encouraging our people to volunteer in local communities
2020/21 total community spend of €36 million

against €34 million for the prior year

Richemont employees contributed to 2 940 hours

to volunteering initiatives in 2020/21 in comparison to 5 203 hours in 2019/20

Richemont, its Maisons and online distributors contribute to meaningful initiatives and causes around the globe. These initiatives are a way to express their social commitment as responsible stakeholders.

Some of our community investment-related initiatives are detailed in our Sustainability Report, pages 74-81.