What we do

Richemont is the owner of prestigious Maisons, recognised for their excellence in jewellery, watches, fashion and accessories, and distinguished by their craftsmanship and creativity

The Group's unique portfolio also includes leading online distributors that are focused on expert curation and technological innovation to deliver the highest standards of service.

Each of our Maisons and businesses have their own management team to lead design, product development, manufacturing, marketing, communication, distribution, and customer services in order to preserve their distinctiveness.

As a family-spirited group, Richemont takes a long term view in nurturing its Maisons and businesses. The Group supports them in creating exceptional products, true to their heritage and in line with their values. We help them to thrive in new and existing markets, to set unparalleled standards of service, and to create memorable experiences for today’s highly sophisticated customers, who are at the core of our approach.

We are united in our constant quest for creativity, innovation, and excellence.