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Creative Academy


Founded in 2003, Creative Academy is Richemont’s corporate school that selects, nurtures and prepares young creative talents for the design of luxury jewellery, watches and fashion accessories. Each year twenty of the world’s most promising design students from the best schools around the world are selected to complete a Master of Arts in Design and Applied Arts.

Taught by leading experts in the world of luxury product design, the Academy is a creative laboratory uniquely enriched by a faculty of renowned professionals, Richemont CEOs and Creative Directors from Richemont Maisons. The Master lasts ten months, seven months at Creative Academy in Milan (January-July), followed by a three-month internship granted to the most deserving students in one of the Richemont Maisons design studios (September-November). Hands-on experience is at the heart of the programme, with students benefitting from working on real-life design projects coached by Richemont Maisons' Creative Directors.

Conceived as a bridge between theory and professional practice, the mission of Creative Academy is to offer our students the know-how they need to respond to the constantly evolving demands of the luxury sector.

In 2023, the Creative Academy proudly celebrates its 20th Anniversary. During the last two decades, the School has been paving the way for successful careers, with many of the School’s Alumni currently contributing to the future of the Richemont Maisons.

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L’Ecole des Arts Joailliers

Paris - Hong Kong SAR - Shanghai

Established in 2012 with the support of Van Cleef & Arpels, l'École des Arts Joailliers is the first school to share the secrets of the jewellery world with a large and varied audience, in France and abroad. Offering initiation courses with hands-on experience on an “à la carte” basis, in French and English, it is for all those who want to learn and become an enlightened amateur. Participants from all countries can sign up for one or more courses, among three themes: Art History of Jewellery, Universe of Gemstones and “Savoir-Faire”.

L'École also offers evening conferences and creative workshops specially designed for children and teenagers.

Hand shot of group of students learning about shades and identification of gemstones

Ecole des Métiers et Artisans de Haute Horlogerie - Logo

Ecole des Métiers et Artisans de Haute Horlogerie


The Ecole des Métiers et Artisans de Haute Horlogerie, the cornerstone of the Geneva Fine Watchmaking Campus, is a place dedicated to the transmission of knowledge and know-how in watchmaking. The School organises, coordinates and creates a multitude of training courses to ensure the sustainability of the profession and its expertise.

The Ecole des Métiers et Artisans de Haute Horlogerie currently offers certified introductory training courses (AFP, CFC et Certif. CP post CFC) in the technical fields of watchmaking and art crafts.

In addition to introductory sessions in the watchmaking arts, advanced courses, seminars, as well as assessments and certifications of skills in the technical and artistic fields are available or can be developed specifically on request.

For more information, to apply for an apprenticeship or any other specific request, please send an e-mail to:

Female student working on a watch movement at L'ecole in Geneva

Ecole polytechnique fédérale de Lausanne


In 2014, Richemont and the Ecole polytechnique fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL), a world-leading institution for science and technology, created an academic chair in “Multi-scale Manufacturing Technologies.” Recognised among the world’s top Engineering and Technology institutions, EPFL is renowned for its leading innovation ecosystem, bringing together startups, forward thinking companies and leading academics. The Richemont Chair funded the recruitment of a Professor to work at EPFL’s Neuchâtel Microcity Campus, home to its Institute of Microengineering.

By investing in this high-potential sector, Richemont reinforces the Group’s commitment to driving research and innovation through an integrated platform of the latest manufacturing technologies to benefit the high-precision watchmaking industry.

Multi-scale manufacturing combines disruptive technologies to produce high quality parts on any scale and at any level of precision. The integration of these new technologies in production will reinforce Switzerland’s leadership position in high-precision industries and high-end watchmaking. In particular, it will improve the performance and quality of watches, allowing for the use of new materials and enabling the fabrication of the most complex components.

Institut Horlogerie Cartier

La Chaux-de-Fonds

In 1992, Cartier founded the Institut Horlogerie Cartier (IHC) in order to develop innovative watchmaking techniques and pass on exceptional skills to future generations.

The IHC trains apprentices in areas such as watchmaking and micromechanics and provides experienced craftsmen with a range of training courses allowing them to perfect and update their skills and expertise. Currently the training centre has 3 professional trainers for 20 apprenticeship places and also provides a wide range of technical training to Cartier Horlogerie employees.

For more than 28 years, the Institute has promoted, preserved and perpetuated watchmaking know-how.

Group of apprentices in white coats in the micromechanics lab

Institut Joaillerie Cartier


Cartier opened its Jewellery Institute in 2002 with a commitment to the transmission and preservation of jewellery know-how and the development of new skills and techniques. Consistent with the Maison's tradition of excellence, the Institute promotes craftsmanship and provides continuous training through privileged relationships with educational establishments. Nearly 500 craftsmen, salespeople, and Haute Joaillerie clients are welcomed into the Institute’s programmes each year. In addition, Cartier supports the influence of French know-how through its patronage of the Association des Ateliers des Maîtres d'Art.

1 male and 2 female apprentices in white coats in the micromechanics lab

Institute of Swiss Watchmaking - Logo

Institute of Swiss Watchmaking

Hong Kong SAR, Shanghai and Dallas

To fulfil the increasing demand for the servicing of Swiss watches outside Europe, the Institute of Swiss Watchmaking was founded in 2009 to develop highly skilled watchmaking specialists. From micromechanics to complications adjustments in watchmaking, the Institute, in partnership with WOSTEP (Watchmakers Of Switzerland Training and Educational Programme), offers a quality label of international watchmaking training. The support of the Richemont Maisons combined with the student-centred learning environment gives graduates a distinct advantage in the job market.

For more information, to apply for an apprenticeship or any other specific request, please send an e-mail to:

Trainer working with student to develop watchmaking skills

 Retail Academy

Hong Kong SAR, Shanghai and North America

The Richemont Retail Academy was launched initially in Shanghai in 2011, then in Hong Kong SAR, China in 2019 and New York in 2020. The Academy aims to enable our retail talent to achieve retail excellence and develop a rewarding career path by sharing best sales practice, techniques and mindset.

Group photo of the  graduates of Retail Academy Asia