Compagnie Financière Richemont SA is the ultimate holding Company for some of the world’s leading luxury goods companies - its Maisons - encompassing jewellery, watches, premium accessories and other luxury products. The Group is managed with the objective of growing value for shareholders over the long-term, recognising that the most important assets of the Group - its Maisons - have almost all been in existence for over a century.

The independence of each Maison within the Group is fundamental to Richemont’s overall growth strategy. Each Maison focuses on increasing awareness and desirability by developing creative products and appropriate marketing programmes. The Maisons’ products are sold through a network of boutiques owned by the Group, through franchise operations and through boutiques owned by third parties.

The Group’s luxury businesses operate globally. The largest market is Europe, which generates some 40 per cent of sales. Details of sales by geographic region are given on the Key Figures page. The Group believes the diversity of its geographical operations, with a lack of dependency on any one market, represents a long-term competitive advantage.